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Compost Tea

Compost tea is a microbial solution that improves soil structure, builds healthier and more disease resistant plants, and it's almost free.compost tea application

We all know that compost is an essential ingrediant to boost our gardens potential. Good compost has millions of microbes.  By contrast, compost tea contains billions of microbes. To my mind it's liquid gold!

It's not complicated to make but must be used almost immediately before the aerobic microbes begin to die.  You can soak compost in a bucket of water (steeping) and achieve some benefit, but pumping air (brewing) into the solution causes the microbe population to explode. You need compost, aeration and a food source for the organisms to multiply to such an extent. 

As a natural soil additive its remarkable. In scientific testing aerated compost tea (made of worm castings) has shown the ability to aid in the removal of soil bio-toxins and an effective tool to support it's water holding capacity.  simple setup for brewing compost tea

Check out this simple method of making your own "liquid gold".

There are tons of how to's online so plug "compost tea" in your browser and get started. If you're a visual learner check out the videos  on you tube.


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